Ranch-Hand and Wrangler

Hecht Creek Ranch

(~30 miles west of Laramie, WY)

(307) 399-0236

Job Dates: May – September 2015; 5 days per week (Start after spring semester and end at beginning of fall semester for college students who apply).

Application Deadline: April 6, 2015

Restrictions: Must be 18 or older with a valid driver’s license. Must provide references upon request.

Job Description: Applicants must be motivated, hard-working, friendly and able to work efficiently as a team member or on their own. Must be able to work physically demanding days outdoors. Must be able to interact well with guests and have good communication skills. Must be flexible about scheduling and willing to work weekends.

Ranch duties:

• Assist in care of cattle herd

• Rotational grazing, herd health monitoring, water and range monitoring, corral work (vaccinations, doctoring, weighing).

               **Most of these duties are completed horseback.

• Repair fences, ditches, corrals, and out-buildings.

• Various other ranch work as needed.

Wrangler Duties:

• Daily management of horses (herd health, pasture and water monitoring, etc.).

• Catch, saddle/unsaddle and turn out horses before/after trail rides.

• Guide guests on trail rides, collect payment, paperwork, and work with other guides.

• Various other tasks as needed.

**In order to apply, please email a cover letter and resume to eandhguideservice@gmail.com



Please call (307) 399-0236 for inquiries